Wiremill 14th May 2011

1st Steve Charlton peg 24 with 61lb 10oz Feeder to Island

2nd Martin D'Almeida peg 20 with 40lb 7oz "

3rd Norman Brinkhurst peg 26 with 40lb "

4th Paul Capper peg 12 with 34lb 6oz Pole

5th Shaun Walsh peg 28 with 34lb "

6th Steve Smith peg 10 with 29lb 10 oz Feeder

7th John Greenslade peg 22 with 26lb 8oz "

6 Tench caught over 5 pounds biggest fish caught on peg 29, Tench 6lb 4oz

3 Kings Sunday 17th April 2011

1st 41lb 9oz on peg 30

2nd 34lb 7oz on peg 12

3rd 24lb 14oz on peg 23

4th 24lb 7oz on peg 10

5th 21lb 11oz on peg 28

Bob Nudd Day 5th August 2010 11- 13 year olds

1st Alice Egglestone Peg 24 with 29lb 11oz

2nd Graham Anderson Peg 7 with 22lb 6oz

3rd Naill Nugent Peg 27 with 13lb 4oz

4th Anthony Dunkley Peg 8 with 9lb 12oz

Wiremill A/C Saturday 17th July 2010

1st Mike Peg 24 with 64lb Paste

2nd Jin Peg 26 with 52lb 7oz Corn/meat

3rd Martin Peg 20 with 46lb Meat

4th Paul Peg 4 with 36lb 7oz Meat

5th Max Peg 28 with 35lb 13oz Meat/maggot

6th Trevor Peg 8 with 26lb7oz Meat

7th Tom Peg 7 with 25lb 2oz Maggot/corn

Pat Hill match Juniors results 15th May 2010

1st luke Parsons 27lb

2nd Ethan Parr 19lb

3rd Oliver Pastam 15lb 6oz

4th Daniel Wharfe 13lb

Pat Hill Seniors match results 15th May 2010

1st Mark Wharfe 31lb 6oz

2nd Keith Bygraves 25lb 8oz

3rd Ian Pulling 16lb 8oz

4th Chris Hollingsworth 6lb 1oz

Crawley A/C 25th April 2010

1st = P.Thompson = Peg 1 with 40lb 8oz

2nd = P.Harris = Peg 5 with 23lb 5oz

3rd = B.Barnett = Peg 8 with 6lb 8oz

Kingston Angling 6th September 09

1st Kevin Peg 11 with 22lb

2nd Tony Peg ? with 21lb

3rd Derek Peg 18 with 20lb

4th Ross Peg ? with 19lb

Bob Nudds fishing competition August 2009

1st Ethan P with 26lb 8 oz

2nd Ethan M with 25lb 4oz

3rd Luke with 16lb 7oz

4th Josh with 14lb 11oz

5th Oliver with 13lb 10 oz

6th Simon with 10lb 7 oz

Crawley A/C Sunday 26th July 09

1st Bruce peg 30 with 30lb caught on maggot and sweetcorn

2nd Lennie peg 28 with 26lb 8oz

3rd Paul peg 26 with 26lb 2oz


Anybody found using a barbed hook will be banned, with immediate effect, from all of our lakes.